The Eye of The Storm

At the end of World War I, a group of Dutch brokers, traders and producers founded the Netherlands Oils, Fats and Oilseeds Trade Association (NOFOTA). Their main goal was to facilitate their trade by developing clear standard contracts, high-level quality controls, and a professional ar­bitration in­stitute. During the past century, the association weathered many storms. After open­ing its doors to foreign companies, in the early 1960s, it has developed into an organi­sation of high international stature. Marcel Metze (1952), a Dutch historian and corporate biographer, accepted NOFOTA’s invitation to write its his­tory. In this extensively researched centenary book, he gives an inside view of the association and puts it in the context of the Dutch oils and fats trade in the twentieth century and of the na­tional and international developments in that era.